MRI’s and Apple Pies

Since February when I was finishing up hair school in Kansas, I’ve been having these sharp pains in my right wrist, namely on the outer edge near where that little bump of a bone lives. It’s not like I had a klutz attack (which I so often do) and fell on it; it just started hurting after wrapping a perm on the cutest 94-year-old little lady named Helen. Since then, the pain has been getting more and more intense (especially working in retail where I am always typing and unlocking doors and lifting heavy shelves and folding and all the ‘ings you can think of). I finally got health insurance through my company, and went to see and Orthopedic Specialist/Surgeon to pick her mind about what the heck is going wrong with me [now]. After some inconclusive x-rays

Modern technology!

Modern technology!

the doctor told me I needed to get an MRI. That was what I did today. Not very exciting; had to take out all of my piercings, which isn’t the biggest pain save for putting a captive bead ring back into my septum (which I will go to my favorite friendly tattooer guy in PA). I had to lay in the superman position (Right arm straight up, face down with a pillow) COMPLETELY STILL for 60 minutes. I tried to nap but was unsuccessful. In any case, it’s done now and I’ll find out more next Thursday!


Most expensive CD I’ve ever bought.

So after that was all said and done, I wanted nothing more than to make a big mess in the kitchen.

Enter: Big Mess.

Enter: Big Mess.

There’s always something so wonderful about the smell of an apple pie in the oven. Its the perfect treat for summer or fall/winter and its the most American thing someone can do (in my own opinion.) In any case, heres a few photos of my afternoon apple pie adventure.


Pie crust recipe from Williams Sonoma.




Egg White Wash with agave, sugar and honey!

Egg White Wash with agave, sugar and honey!




Pretty proud of today’s accomplishment. Fingers crossed that nothing is seriously wrong with my hand or my future is DOOMED!!! Haha…

Have a good one, y’all,

Sarah Montana



2 thoughts on “MRI’s and Apple Pies

  1. Hmmm apple pie :3 my favourite, which kind of makes me American as it seems, hahaha.
    The specialist who examined your wrist probably excluded classic like carpal tunnel so I got my fingers crossed like crazy that its just a little thing and you’ll be better soon :3


    • Carpal Tunnel would cause issues on the inside of my wrist in areas such as my thumb. This mess is on the outside; the pinky finger side so we shall find out tomorrow what the problem is! Eek!!


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