Wrist-key Business.


Today, I opened up an Etsy shop. It’s nothing amazing to write home about, but there are some hand made dreamcatchers, and some tattoo-flash watercolor paintings up there. I like to do little things here and there, but with my wrist in the shape that its in, its hard to keep up with tedious, tight little projects.


I am really excited about making these little dreamcatchers. I’m going to make them so they all have a hamsa charm inside them (unless its a custom order) for extra protection from bad dreams. (Who has time for nightmares, anyway!?)


I learned how to weave a dreamcatcher when I was in elementary school, and somehow, never forgot how to do it! I ordered larger brass hoops from the internet so I can make some that are 10 and 12″ in diameter. I even have a friend in Montana who wants me to custom make one for her massage studio… I might be a rebel and try to weave a few anyway, until my wrist starts screaming at me to stop…. Might not be the best idea for my wrist, but crafting is good for the soul, don’tchathink?!

Have a good one y’all,

Sarah Montana


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