Whole30: Why I am glad that I actually quit! (Yes! I did!)

I would like to say that I broke my Whole30 diet on day 10 (so typical) in the best way possible: I went to Federal Donuts and had a strawberry lavender donut and a vanilla spice donut. Fresh. Not that Dunkin Donuts crap, but one of the best donut bakeries in Philadelphia. (I had never been). And you know what- I have yet to feel an ounce of guilt. After that, we had lunch at Sam’s Morning Glory Diner in South Philly and I had the most beautiful veggie and hummus and pita plate. Hummus and pita bread were shunned by Whole30, and yet I ate it as if it were very healthy and nutritious. Freshly made (from scratch) hummus is good for you! Check out this page from Huffington Post where they give you 10 reasons why we should all be eating more hummus. Pita bread, maybe not be the BEST thing to eat, but its certainly better than a few pieces of white bread. So you know what, I’m ok with this. And I want to let you know that I DO plan on eating healthier than I did before I started the W30 journey. I, in fact, bought 2 new cases of LaCroix (grapefruit and orange). I plan on eating many W30 approved recipes when I have the time to make them. I think reducing your sugar intake IS VERY important. When I was at Target, I was in the cereal aisle. (Cereal is very easy when its 8pm and you had a late lunch and you don’t want to spend 45 minutes making 2 baked chicken drumsticks and roasted veggies). Every box I grabbed, I read the label and took home a big box of Cheerios- they have whole grains (good for you) and only 1 gram of sugar per 3/4 cup. Compared to the other ‘healthy’ boxes of sugar (at 8-10 grams per serving!) I think Cheerios is a pretty good snack. I also drink Organic Milk, exclusively, and have for years.

My friend Andrew today said the best thing that is most relevant to this situation: ‘I guess you could say going to the extreme helped you find balance’. This is the truth. I know before I was out of control. I ate more garbage than I care to admit, and yet it was still healthier than most people I know. I want to watch the sugar levels, substitute more fruits and veggies for snacks when I am hungry. But I just want to be able to eat a bowl of oatmeal in the morning, or make some whole wheat or cornmeal pancakes once in a while.

To me, W30 is a fad diet similar to Atkins- remove the thing you want to eat from your diet and you’ll loose so much weight. Everything in moderation. Carbs, sugar, pizza…. Just make smart choices and drink lots of water and move your body around from time to time. I can do this, and so can you- without removing everything you could want to eat and being miserable.

Seems fitting to be watching Happyish while I write this. They would tell me its good idea to eat what I want, so long as I go overboard.

Anywho…. I am rambling.

Have a good one y’all,

Sarah Montana


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