October 2015

Hey guys and gals! Just wanted to check in to say hello. I started working full time, at a new store (same company) and I am in school part time, so my free time isn’t as copious as it once was. So for this month, here’s what I’m up to!

Eating / faster. Not as much time to make meals as I had when I wasn’t working. I need to go to the grocery store for more produce. I hardly go once a week now, when I used to go 3/4 times!
Drinking / Lots of water and tea and unfortunately some Diet Pepsi… I have been needing caffeine in my life, and coffee doesn’t agree with my stomach. Some teas with a lot of caffeine also mess me up and give me palpitations, so its back to DP when its needed.
Practicing / studying! I haven’t colleged in 8 years, so I’m trying to get back ok the ol’ studying bicycle.
Mastering / time management.
Learning / LOTS in school. I’m taking Biology and Abnormal Psychology.
Trying / to stay focused, but its hard with my ADHD. Maybe I need to get some medication….as much as I am against taking long term medications….
Playing / the new El Ten Eleven cd Fast Forward on repeat.
Finishing / assignments early and turning them in. Feels good!
Reading / my bio book and my psych book.
Remembering / as much as I can in my bio class. Its tough- the 2nd chapter was about chemistry and I’ve never taken a chemistry class before!
Wearing / Flats to help my knee. Layers always. More contour on my face.
Cooking / When I have time.
Working / on trying to assimilate into a new team and with a new store manager.
Traveling / to nowhere. Just working
Wanting / to go to Iceland. Nothing new here, folks haha.

Have a good one y’all,

Sarah Montana

(Thanks to bleubirdblog for the neat survey thingy to fill out!)