Catch’n some dreams….

 I’ve talked before about how I make dreamcatchers, and post them on my etsy page. While I haven’t sold anything on there (yet), I did get an order for 3 dreamcatchers on my facebook page from a dear friend of mine in Montana. The big gold mamma jamma that I have pictured in the photos I’ve posted on here, were something new and different I thought I’d try, and well, Breanne wants 3 of them exactly alike for her home and her professional massage studio where she works.


This is a pretty fascinating and inspiring thought- to know that something I created will be in a place where she is helping others relax, alleviate stress and reduce pain… It just makes me happy! I have been a long-time lover of all other forms of stress relief, and natural remedies so I am pleased to keep doing what I’m doing to make creative spaces a little bit sweeter.


I also have a couple who just bought their first home here in Philadelphia that would like a large dreamcatcher, and a large painting to put in their home. Janelle (one of the homeowners/friends) also has her own etsy account. There’s nothing on there right now, but she hand knits and crochets the most luxurious blankets and scarves and other odds and ends that are so gorgeous. I hope she makes some new treasures once they get settled in their new place. There is also talks of us maybe collaborating to make some fantastic things. I’ve got a few ideas in my head so I can’t wait to meet up with Janelle and talk about some ideas!! It is always fun to craft with friends!!!


Speaking of crafting with friends, my boyfriend and I are going to be turning 30ish next month (He’s turning 31 5 days before I turn 30..) so we are going to have a birthday party, which means we are going to craft up our own decorations, and make our own foods and snacks (and of course, cake!) I’m sure this party will be the inspiration for some blog posts! I can’t wait!!!

Have a good one, y’all,

Sarah Montana