What’s up, doc? 

I come with a very quick and totally awesome recipe for a side that works great with, well, anything for lunch or dinner. If you’ve got some patience, and like carrots, then this is for you!  

I found these carrots at the grocery store that I shop at for $1.99. And what’s better- they’re organic! Awesome. 


1 bunch of carrots. They don’t necessarily need their greens, just as long as they’re carrots (that have been washed and the skins removed) you’re golden 

Ginger salad dressing. I found mine in the produce section. Has a little ninja guy on it. Adorable. 

A few dollops of butter. We really like Melt butter. It’s coconut butter, and vegan. Yum! 

Salt & Pepper 

Other spices (whatever you like, I used a leftover tossed potato spice mix I got a few weeks ago) 

Olive Oil. No measurements. I’m not the measuring type (yeah… I’m one of those). 

Pam or any other spray (I’ve been using coconut oil spray). 

How – To: 

1. Preheat oven to 350*F

2. Spray a glass baking dish with your Pam-like spritz of your choice. 

3. Put your carrots in the dish and sprinkle some of the olive oil on them. You don’t have to go overboard. 

4. Put a few little dollops of your butter. No precise science to this, people. Feel free to be a little willy-nilly. 

 5. Sprinkle your salt, pepper, and seasonings of your choosing on top. 

6. Pour some of the ginger dressing on top. I want to day I put about a quarter of a cup on mine, and then used a pastry brush to evenly distribute. 

7. Toss in the oven for about 25 minutes. Increase the temp to 400*F and roast for about 10-15 minutes more. Make sure you move them around a little bit every 10-15 minutes to make sure all the yummy juices get all over your carrots. 

8. Once they’re a little browned, take them out. You’ll want to eyeball the carrots when you increase the temp just to make sure you don’t burn the heck out of them. 

9. Let cool for about 10 minutes and enjoy.

I really really loved these and have a feeling I will be making those more often. 

Have a good one y’all,

Sarah Montana 


Avocado-Basil-Spinach Pesto Pasta

Today I went to the grocery store to get necessary items for the next few days. I bought a thing of Rain Lime Gatorade to have on hand for those days where I need a few electrolytes. Unfortunately, those days are often due to some migrainse I’ve been having. Well, sometime during the ride home, that darn Gatorade spilled all over the contents of the shopping bag it was in- including a brand new box of Cavatappi pasta…. So when I got home and started unloading my things, I realized that pasta had to be cooked TODAY or it would get soggy and therefore be ruined. SO, making life out of Lime Gatorade, I made some pasta. Here’s a quick recipe for y’all, however there won’t be exact measurements since I’m one of those ‘non measuring types’.

Avocado-Basil-Spinach Pasta
1 entire box of Cavatappi pasta (or kind of your choice).

1 avocado
A few basil leaves (to your taste)
Olive Oil
Scallions (I added roughly 1/2 tsp chopped)
Salt & Pepper & garlic powder & italian seasoning to taste
Juice of 1/2 lemon
Handful of spinach leaves
1 bag of shredded mozzarella cheese

1. Cook pasta per box directions.
2. Add all other ingredients into food processor (except cheese) and pulse until smooth. You will want to add olive oil every so often to keep a sauce-like consistency. Add more or less seasonings to make it the way you taste.
3. Dump pasta water out and put in bowl and immediately dump in bag of mozzarella cheese and stir while it melts.
4. Add in your sauce and stir until evenly coated.
5. Either place in fridge for a few hours for a pasta salad type dish, or serve immediately with some chicken or whatever you’re feelin’!
6. ENJOY. Its so tasty and healthy(ish) and the green color is gorgeous!


*All photos by the devilishly handsome Douglas Horn.

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA!

Have a good one, y’all,

Sarah Montana

Hey Baby Pt 2: The Great Pumpkin.

It should come as NO surprise that I LOVE fall- especially fall foods and fall colors and fall clothes! I know we haven’t QUITE yet hit the official fall season (which just so happens to usually ‘fall’ on my birthday, Sept 22nd) (I turn 30 this year- eek!) but I have already started the pumpkin celebration. (As are Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts and our local convenience shop WaWa).  If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen that I’ve already made a few pumpkin things… Well today, I bring you something I am SUPER proud of….and a RECIPE! (Who doesn’t love a good fall recipe).


Mmmm Pumpkin Puree… You can make this yourself, y’know. As we get closer to Halloween, maybe I will show you how to make your own pumpkin puree.. For now, you can use the canned stuff you can pick up at your local grocery store.



Pumpkin Spice Dutch Baby Pancake

(Serves 1-4, depending on whether or not you want to share).

3 Tbsp butter (divided into 1 tbsp squares)

3/4 cup milk, heated in the microwave for 20-30 seconds

3 eggs

2 heaping tbsp pumpkin puree

3/4 cup all-purpose flour (I used unbleached flour)

1 tbsp sugar

2 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 tsp nutmet

1/2 tsp cinnamon (I love cinnamon)

pinch of salt

pinch of ginger (just cause)


Set your oven to 400*F and put your divided butter in a cast iron skillet and place in the oven to preheat and melt into heavenly goodness.


Put the rest of your ingredients into a blender and mix for 30 seconds. Make sure you scrape the sides so its all evenly combined.

Pour into your cast iron skillet.


I sprinkled some extra cinnamon (and brown sugar) on top for some extra flavor.


Pop that sucker back into your oven and let it do its thing in there for 20-30 minutes. It all depends on your oven, so start eyeballing it every 5 minutes or so at about 15 minutes (free smells!)


VOILA! Look at how MARVELOUS it is!!! (And it tastes really REALLY awesome- I am eating my slice right now!!)


Looking back, I should’ve thrown some vanilla protein power in there for some extra oomph to my day. I’ve been enjoying putting that stuff in almost everything. Yolo I guess, right?

I hope you all try this VERY soon. Its the weekend starting tomorrow! What a great excuse for a dutch baby pancake…. You can also melt down some cookie butter to drizzle on top of it so you can serve it as a dessert!!!

If you make it, tag me in your instagram so I can see and applaud your greatness!!!

Have a great weekend, y’all!!!

-Sarah Montana