My Whole30 Rebellion….

Now that I’ve had a few days away from the strict rules of the Whole30 program, I’ve got a few thoughts. During the program, you are NOT allowed to weigh yourself. The reason is simple: the founders don’t want the concept to be all about losing weight. Makes perfect sense to me. But then again, I feel like a majority of people go on these fad diets solely for the weight loss factor. Yes, there are many people who are trying to have healthier eating habits and honestly want to ‘quit sugar’. There are also those with health issues that could benefit, say someone with diabetes. But for the general population of people, such as myself, who want to lose weight but eat healthier, I feel like there are other options than such a strict regimen of what you can and cannot eat.

In the 10 days that I played the game, I lost 5 pounds. Thats pretty good! I haven’t been at this weight in quite a while. Especially after my surgery, I gained a few pounds, lost a few and then now I’ve lost 5 more. I will say that there is some merit to this diet if you are looking to lose weight. But I also feel like I can watch my sugar intake, and still eat more of the foods I want, such as a bowl of cereal. And if you’d seen my twitter¬†account in the last week, you saw that I’ve been talking about how I would’ve done some things in order to have a bowl of Fruit Loops (Froot loops?) So when I was in the cereal section of Target the other night, I started checking my labels. I was looking at the ‘healthy’ and ‘organic’ boxes, and each serving had between 5-10 (10!) grams of sugar per serving. I then grabbed a box of good ol’ Cheerios and checked: only ONE gram of sugar per serving. ONE! Not to mention the whole grains that are contained in those beautiful tiny o’s. I’ve had a bowl of Cheerios the past few mornings with organic milk and a banana and I feel great. The carbs I get from the Cheerios and the banana give me enough energy to start my day, or help me through a little in home workout, like I did this morning. Starting your day with a healthy cereal (or oatmeal!) is great to keep you full, so long as you are also having some sort of fruit and/or protein with it so you aren’t eating empty carbs.

For lunch and dinner last night, I stuck to the W30 program for the most part. Steak, brussel spouts and baked fries for dinner, franks red hot chicken drumsticks and red potatoes for lunch (with a sprinkle of cheddar cheese- Its ALL about moderation!) I just got a 40oz water bottle from Target, and have had either water or LaCroix to drink, and tried to stick to fruits and veggies for between meal snacks. (Dessert last night was a navel orange and 2 thin mint girlscout cookies. (The serving size is 4, and I think the serving size amount of sugar is 5 grams….not bad!)

So yes, I am still glad I left the diet. I did lose 5 pounds while on it, but so long as I stick to being W30 compliant 50% of the time (or more!) and continue working out at physical therapy, on my stationary bike in my basement, or hopefully joining a gym soon, I will be able to lose some weight, tone my muscles, and build muscles in my leg to protect my knees from further injury. (If I hurt my right knee one more time, I’m going to scream…..)

Ps. If you want to be friends on the ‘MyFitnessPal’ app, my username is: SarahMontana666!

Have a good one y’all,

Sarah Montana


Whole30 Day 3/30

I have to apologize that this entry is a day late. Yesterday was not the best of days for me, overall. I found myself with a headache (expected) but also very emotional. (Unexpected, and its not *that* time of the month, either). Around 4:30pm, I went to the grocery store to get a few things for dinner (I was tired of chicken patties- which I’d had for 3 meals within the last day and a half). I read on Aidells website that they had products at the grocery store closest to me. I generally HATE that grocery store (their product section is small, and the quality is AWFUL) but I was in a hurry and was very hungry and this was a food emergency (haha). I grabbed a spaghetti squash (which I’d never tried before), a peach (that looked good when I picked it but it was GROSS by the time I got home), a potato and then headed to the sausage section. I found an Aidells sausage, but it was cajun something-or-other and thats not really something I’m into. (I’m pretty bland!) And, unfortunately for me, that was the only thing of that brand in the store. I checked the other sausages and NOTHING was compliant. So I walked over to the bacon and breakfast sausage and was met with the same fate. NOTHING COMPLIANT. By this time, I had started to throw an inner temper tantrum in my head, and had to reach out to my friend Lisa (who started her W30 journey today!) just to vent for a minute. I generally hate to vent to people other than my super close network of friends, but I feel very connected to Lisa in a way, and since she’s going through this, I wanted to give her a heads up on how I feel so she could mentally prepare herself for the onslaught of emotions.

Anywho, here’s what I ate yesterday.

image1 (1)

Breakfast 9:30AM

2 hardboiled eggs (make that 1 1/2 because I am SO OVER EGGS), and a fruit smoothie (pineapple chunks, raspberries, strawberries, coconut cream (I checked my label!) and the driest tartest cranberry juice on the planet (Yes, its compliant).

11AM came around and there was that old familiar friend- sugar cravings. I just drank some water and jumped into some tv shows on my DVR.


Lunch 12:30PM

I made more broccoli cauliflower stuff and added some cut up (compliant) chicken patties. I forced myself to eat this because its good for me, but it tasted so bland. This was when the emotional breakdown began……

3PM I had a snack of raw almonds because I needed SOMETHING and I really just wanted chocolate.


Dinner 6PM

I made spaghetti squash and homemade spaghetti tomato sauce. My sauce was all with compliant items and I will tell you it was AMAZING AMAZING. I was proud of myself and needed that little win in my day. As far as spaghetti squash goes- if you’ve never had it before, I want to tell you about it. I sliced it into rings, because that was what everyone on the Whole30 Instagram recommended. It will come out in long, beautiful strands and you will be so excited to have spaghetti once again. But let me tell you, the texture was a BIG ISSUE for me. It wasn’t soft like a noodle; it was crunchy. And I can’t quite think up something similar. Maybe like coleslaw? Softer coleslaw. Yeah, thats it. So. Now you know its not like spaghetti at all but bland, flavorless coleslaw…. even salt and pepper and italian seasoning wont save this stuff. I don’t think I’ll eat it again, to be honest with you.

All these emotions- I can’t believe they’re related to food. (And I’ve also got some tough stuff going on in my life thats just adding to the pain.

What I wouldn’t give for some Reeces Stix right now….

Have a good one y’all,

Sarah Montana