Whole30 Day 7/30

Howdy again folks! I can’t believe that I’ve almost gotten though a week without chocolate! And bread! Oh sweet and soft and squishy and tasty bread. Every day, I’ve been thinking about all the foods I haven’t been able to eat, and then eating something thats better for me as a replacement. Today, I’ve had two navel oranges. And one yesterday. Maybe all those years I spent in Florida are causing me to crave citrus fruits. I’m not complaining. In any case- Douglas came home today! Woohoo! So I will make this episode short and sweet for y’all so I can get back to snuggling.

image1 (8)

Breakfast 9:45AM

This morning, was a very monochromatic breakfast. 2 scrambled eggs, 1 navel orange and a mango pineapple Nestle purelife water. Delicious.


Lunch 12:00PM

I had leftovers today because they were simple and still delicious. Salmon, potatoes and some watermelon. I haven’t had much watermelon this year, because honestly, I haven’t found much that looked appetizing. I hit the jackpot with these slices of awesome. They hit the spot.


Dinner 6:00PM

Shrimp has been my favorite thing to eat during this Whole30 diet. Something about them tastes so buttery and wonderful. I had some garlic sauteed spinach and then strawberries and pineapples on the side with an iced peppermint tea.


And this heavenly baby is the pizza I made for Douglas for his welcome home meal. Cheese stuffed crust spinach, tomato and goat cheese. No sauce. I even brushed the crust with olive oil and sprinkled extra garlic powder on the sides. Real love is making your partner a pizza full of everything you can’t eat, and not sneaking a piece of cheese. I will admit-I grabbed a piece of his pizza to get a good smell. It was magical. I do miss pizza. Especially one as beautiful as this one.

I am happy I started this journey. I am proving to myself that I can live without sugar and treats and junk food and be ok. Its pretty empowering!!! If I can do it you all can do it!!!

Have a good one y’all,

Sarah Montana